Fine Art Prints

Prints are produced using the “Giclee printing process” by our specialist printer who states that “We use state of the art Epson 7900 and Epson 9900 pigment ink printers, along with top end colour management, to produce fine art gallery prints of the highest quality.

These are the latest, fastest, and most importantly best quality fine art archival printing machines in the world today. And we run them with our typical approach - backed by science, hard work and very intensive testing, we can get results from these machines no other service in Australia can provide.

We offer prints on the finest available fine art paper. The process we use is now generally regarded as one of the most stable colour printing processes available at this time - - and more beautiful as well!

The Ultrachrome HDR inks we use are pigment based and offer a very wide colour gamut, and deep velvety blacks. Independently verified longevity ratings indicate the lifespan of these inks (when used on high quality papers) meets or (in most cases) exceeds the longevity ratings of other common colour printing processes - over 100 years for colour and over 200 years for black and white prints before visible fading occurs. The testing methodology used to produce these figures is vigorous and accepted industry wide, and while no one can point to a 200 year old inkjet print just yet, the same methodologies that are used to evaluate display and storage conditions of the world's most valuable art works are now being applied to inkjet prints.

Printing with these inks allows us to make prints that are free from unwanted artifacts and flaws often found in colour processes such as bronzing and metamerism. With these inks we can achieve exceptionally high quality results on a broad range of media types, from high gloss to completely matte watercolour papers. Strong blacks, rich shadow detail, and a broad, smooth colour gamut allow for prints of both tremendous subtlety and great power. With three separate black inks, smooth and neutral black and whites are possible. On some papers, black densities now significantly exceed traditional chemistry papers, giving images of startling luminosity and depth.”


Canvas Prints

Get Hal Barton’s Amazing Paintings Printed On A Canvas! No Need For A Frame. Ready To Hang.

Hanging canvas prints in a room means that you are dedicated to highlighting the paintings in the most creative and unique way. With lively and vibrant results, you will attract the most number of eyes and get great exposure. Gallery-wrapped canvas prints add a perfect touch of elegance to any room.

All paintings are handcrafted with passion and the highest level of quality canvas is used, stretched over a wooden frame.

We can provide borders with a width of 0.75” (2 cm) or 1.5 “ (4 cm). However, we provide all canvas prints with the wider 1.5 “ (4 cm) border as standard as this provides a more spectacular effect.

Canvas prints are printed with a mirror image border so that the painting is copied (as shown in the above images) and extended on the edges to wrap around the frame.

All canvas prints are framed and ready to hang on your wall.

Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards are not as yet available yet from the store. If that is of interest to you please fill in the enquiry form and we will attempt to meet your requirements. In an initial enquiry please advise the HB number of the painting, any special message and the number of Greeting Card required. Thank you.

Gift Voucher

Gift Vouchers of $50, $100 and $200 are available should you wish to make a special gift to a friend or relative towards a Fine Art Print or a Canvas Print. Go to the Contact Us page and tell us your preference.